My Boyfriend's Girlfriend isn't Me

My Boyfriend's Girlfriend

There's lots of kinds of people in this world
and I'm, well, I'm not like other girls
How do I explain this properly?
My boyfriend's girlfriend isn't me.

Well obviously one of them is...
But there's another girl of his
And I know her and she knows me

and that would be great if it was just us three.
But she has a guy who's even more pretty
and a long-distance thing in another city
He and his wife come by when they can and they have a kid who calls me his aunt.
Just when I thought it was all too crazy I tried to draw our family tree.
There's nothing wrong with extra love
But the paper wasn't big enough.

Of all the ways I've ever dated
it's never been so complicated
The chain can extend to eternity
'cause my boyfriend's girlfriend isn't me.

We spent Christmas eve with my boyfriend's dad
Christmas day with my folks and the feast they had
New Years, he went to his girlfriend's city
I mean the one who isn't me.

She brought him and her other guy
to her company picnic and I won't lie
I wasn't used to being alone
so I want someone new of my own.

It isn't easy to find a fling
'Cause when you hit on some tasty thing
They say "Aren't you with that guy?"
You say "Oh he doesn't mind.

Have you ever seen 'Big Love'?
Know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge..."
And they say "Oh, so you're a Mormon?"
"No! ...I'll explain from the beginning..."

Chorus When the partners get together,
the primaries and all the others,
we give the newbies a little primer
and we all get out our day timers

Calendars as far as the eye can see.
"When can I see you?"
"When are you free?"
"Who gets me on my birthday?"
and then "Does anyone have an extra pen?"

The kids have the best celebration.
Gifts from three dozen odd relations.
There's Uncle Jackie's girlfriend, Mary,
Ed who is her secondary...

Ed's new boyfriend brought along his ex,
whose fling is going strong with someone
that I used to know
and just became my boyfriend's beau...

A couch where four can snuggle up
Suddenly isn't big enough
And even so we don't give up.
There's no such thing as too much love.


(obrigada á DJ pela hint)


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