Queer comercial events asking to perform for free

Got yet another invitation to perform for free in a comercial and so-called-queer event. People: queer means resistance to any form of discrimination AND exploitation. You can't call a party queer, sell tickets and hectoliters of beer and ask people to perform for free!

An event organiser asked me recently to perform for free in a comercial queer party. I would get drinks for free and the chance to promote my event in their website. Below a translation to english of my answer.

"Thank you for your (relative) interest in my work. In case you want to know more, feel free to ask.

I like and really enjoy to perform for free in non-comercial community-oriented events. In events which are either comercial and/or admissions costs money and/or drinks are sold I want to be paid, even if is not a fortune, or even a symbolic contribution. (Question: are the DJs, bartenders and sound technicians also working for free?)

Thanks for your offer of publicity of my work in your webpage, but I am already relatively known in the circles of interest that connect to the themes of my work.

Bottomline, I dont think it is fair or even "queer" not to pay people who contribute to a comercial party (be it the bartenders, performers or DJs). Maybe you dont have to pay,  because you dont know how much revenue you are making, but you can propose a participation on the revenue? Queer means for me (And for a great majority of people) resistance to any form of discrimination AND exploitation, and that means being consistent and fair to people who contribute to a comercial event.

Let's stay in contact for eventuel future events, I am open to reasonable offers regarding performances, bondage or video art, and now you know where to find me.

best regards, etc.."

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