Arno Nordheim: PolyPoly

" Composed of six tape loops of various length, polypoly is mind boggling on many levels... technically, to hear the piece return to its starting point would take 102 years. It played continually for six months in the Scandinavian Pavilion at 1970's World Exposition in Osaka. Comprised of sound samples and musical electronics, this is a 21-minute-plus segment of a self-regenerating landscape rolls past again and again in different dimensions each time. The sounds are relatively mundane clatter, music, sound effects or disembodied voices; some are fairly distorted, and others are just plain crazy! The loops are long and varied enough that, in this sample, you don't actually get any real effects of overt repetiveness; it remains quite unpredictable... perhaps after a few weeks one might catch on to the patterns "

pode se extrapolar a frase a negrito para o contexto poly?


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