I've Got Five Moms And Three Dads

Continuando a série de músicas poly ou polypertinentes..

Tom Hunter, "I've Got Five Moms And Three Dads",

We all live in a big old house
8 adults, 6 kids and one pet mouse
2 dogs, 3 cats and a parakeet
We got a great big garden and we never eat meat
My room’s upstairs and down the hall
It’s the one with the crayons all over the wall
3 other kids share the room with me
We’re just one big crazy family
And I’ve got 5 moms and 3 dads
It may sound strange, but it ain’t so bad
When you get tired of one, you can go find another
It’s a whole lot better than one dad and mother.

It’s not as confusing as it might be
At least I know which mom and dad had me
But some of the adults wonder if it’s okay
To go on raising their kids this way
I keep saying everything’s just fine
‘Cause mostly we have a pretty good time
It’s hard to explain just what you missed
If you’ve never had a home like this
Where I’ve got (Chorus)

I suppose some day when I’m all grown up
They’ll take a survey to see if I’m screwed up
Asking all of us hippie kids
What we think of what our parents did
I’ll have to ask which parents they mean
I’ve got a whole lot more than most kids I’ve seen
And if we haven’t solved all the problems yet
At least we’ve come up with a whole new set!
‘Cause I’ve got (Chorus)

So come on by and visit us
We’re the house with the black VW bus
There’s a swing out front and a beat up car
And a beer sign from some western bar
Sunday is our potluck night
Whatever you can bring, it’ll be alright
There’ll be games and songs and food and jokes
I’ll introduce you to all my folks,
I’ve got (Chorus)

Written by Tom Hunter, ©1982, Long Sleeve Records.

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