OpenCon: evento poly auto-organizado

A 3-day event in the English countryside for everyone who knows that happy and honest relationships don't have to be monogamous. OpenCon combines discussions, workshops and socialising to give you a chance to meet like-minded people, to build our community and to celebrate its diversity

Para quem me tem perguntado "O que é um evento auto-organizado", gostei bastante desta explicação

OpenCon is a hybrid conference--unconference. That is, run by the participants as well as by a team of organisers.

The set-up team will sort out the venue, and help with room placements, set a structure to the event and organise some workshops. Much of the rest is up to you as a community.

The basic ethos of this event is that you are discouraged from saying "somebody should do X", but you are encouraged to say "I’ll do X", and then do it. There are no organisers to complain to/applaud. If you want it to happen, make it happen. By coming along you agree to become one of the event’s co-organisers, doing what ever has to be done to ensure your fellow attendees have an enjoyable and safe weekend.



  1. "If you want it to happen, make it happen."

  2. Olá! Acredito muito no poliamor. Este é um dos meus blogs favoritos sobre o assunto!

    Tb acredito na diversidade sexual como algo completamente natural.

    Estamos produzindo uma série lésbica em BH, confiram: http://seriebliss.blogspot.com/