Research: LGBT/Q families/parents in radical socio-political contexts

Divulgo, porque poly relevante e poly on topic:

(entrem em contacto através do site abaixo indicado, quer para receberem o abstract quer para saberem mais, ou mesmo para participarem)

I'm doing research, together with 2 other people, about "LGBT/Q families/parents in radical/autonomous socio-political contexts". We are seeking participants who are part of alternative political (radical and libertarian groups), social (squats, communes) and/or
cultural (polyamory, queer, S/M) contexts. We are interested in non-ordinary (or non nuclear family) households which are containing at least one LGBT/Q person with/and children/child. We would like to ask them about their experiences in everyday life, about their visions (utopian, political, social ones) and their relationships towards radical contexts and wider society.

Because of purpose of this research (Conference on LGBT families in Ljubljana, October) we would prefere participants from "new" European countries (e.g. Poland) or other Eastern countries, but it's not neccessary. Imperative will be interesting biography/story.

Bacuese of the geographical distance we'll not be able to do all interviews face to face, but we woould appreciate if participants would take some time and answer us per e-mail...

I'm also sending you are (working) abstract...

So if anyone knows some person/s who can be inetersting for us, please forward this e-mail and feel free to contact us. We would be very gratefull!

solidarity greetings,



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